Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vlog #4: Dolly Vlog Hop, Kikipop and Pokemon hunt

What did I do today?
I woke up dead early because of my boyfriend's alarm so I took the opportunity to publish yesterday's videos before going back to bed.
I fixed up a blog post for the Dolly Vlog Hop, you can find it here.

I ordered the new limited Azone net and Rourou Kikipop panda and also some stuff from amazon that will make the stop motion video a lot easier to make for me, which is good because I have a lot of ideas.
I fixed links on my blog, so many get broken and there is always some sort of maintenance to do. The only thing I don't  fix are the novels' drafts.
And then we went to Mitaka to hun pokemon, haha. I managed to get Golem and to have a photo session with Asuka.
Then well, don't miss the little bonus at the end of the video. ;)

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