Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Pullip Dahlia Cinderella (with video)

Dahlia Cinderella is the version of Cinderella before she was a princess when she was still a slave to her Evil step mother and sisters. There is also a version of Cinderella as a princess once she met the prince in the same series.

This series is called Starry Night Cinderella and is composed of Pullip Princess Cinderella, Taeyang Prince Ramiro, Isul Fairy Lumiere, Byul Clorinda and Little Byul Rat Garcon.
Byul Clorinda is one of the evil step sister and the Dal evil step sister was never released as I mentioned in the video. She would have been awesome, especially for someone like me who isn't really into Byul.

In this video, I ask Isul Fairy Lumiere for help to get Dahlia Cinderella. He is the fairy Godmother of the series. He goes with his Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo technics and Dahlia Cinderella finally appear.

Dahlia Cinderella is one of the most adorable pullip ever, a true little angel. She has an adorable made outfit and a really sweet and sad face up.

Her quote is: I'm going to prepare meal, wash dishes, then clean the floor... It's not difficult. I mean the starlight are just so beautiful... Feel Like So.

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