Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pullip photo story: Book review of Bottled by Carol Riggs (with video)

Bottled is a book by Carol Riggs.
You  can also read my review on amazon or on goodreads.

Bottled is the 1000 years love story of Adeelah, captured and bottled as a genie to serve the purpose of the greediest master on the planet.
She moves from masters to master as her bottle is lost and found, hunted for and kept hidden.
Adeelah dreams of finding her true love, Karim, who has been looking for her bottle all that time. She can't do anything for herself unless her master agrees. She is trapped and slaved. Then one day, she arrives at an Antique store.

This book was a very interesting read, filled with magic and bizarre ideas. Adeelah is a very realistic character. She is so trapped that she become obsessed with the only thing she associate with a time in her life when she was happy, Karim. Even after 1000 years apart, her only wish is to find him. While she grants often against her will the wishes of others, she can't go look for Karim unless her master agrees.
I loved the complexity of the characters, they are very human even though at time, Nathan was just too good, David too evil and Adeelah just frustrated with everything. The good thing is that they learn and grow and has a reader we can see their evolution as the story unfold.

I absolutely loved how Adeelah was able to adapt (or not) to her new place. The language barrier was so funny at time as well as her reaction to new technology. It made the entire story even more palpable and realistic.
I hated Karim on first sight. Sorry Adeelah but what the hell! *I'm not going to say more or I'll have a spoiling rant about the guy.* If you want to see why I hate him so much you'll have to read the book. It's totally worth it!

This is my second book review video and my first book review in this format. It was a lot of fun to make and I loved to play with my dolls to make the slow motion part of the story.

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