Monday, June 13, 2016

Pullip doll Dollte-porte series part 2: Vesselle

Today is the second part of my Victorian doll theme series Dollte-porte. In the video, I'm talking a little bit about Isul Vesselle, how I got him and about the way I go about buying doll. 
Isul Vesselle wasn't a priority because when I came across him, I didn't know if I would ever manage to get Henri and I really like to have the complete series otherwise they are kind of haunting me. I got him anyway because he was part of a promotional even with all dolls at 5000¥, and I really don't regret it as I managed to find Henri later on and I'm about to get the complete Dollte-porte series (minus Byul).
Here is the video in the park with Vesselle.
And here are some of the photos of him taken today.

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