Friday, June 10, 2016

Pullip doll: Dollte-porte series part 1: Henri

Today is the start of a new series of videos about the Victorian doll series called: Dollte-porte. The name dollte-porte always makes me think about the different doors in Paris: La porte de versaille, la porte Clignancourt, la porte de la Chapelle, etc, etc...
This series is composed of 5 dolls, I have three of them which you might have already seen  around on this blog: Taeyang Alfred, Isul Vesselle and Pullip Henri. There is only of the two other that I want and that's Dal Charlemagne. 

I started this series with the elusive pullip Henri who is quite hard to find. 
Here is the video 
Here are some of the photo taken today.

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