Saturday, June 25, 2016

Azone doll: Minami Mermaid Princess Otogi no Kuni (with video)

Minami Mermaid Princess is the latest release from the Excute series Otogi no Kuni. There are so far 13 dolls released and three more have been announced which makes it a fairly huge series and my largest series so far. (If you want bigger there is the pullip sailor moon series which is now reaching 21 dolls, I think)
Minami Mermaid is the only pastel doll in the collection so far and the only one with fantasy coloured hair. She unfortunately doesn't have a mermaid tail but her aqua green and beige dress filled of tulle totally makes up for it. She comes with a beautiful blue purple background and the usual little story book.
Minami is the teacher in the excute group, she is called Minami Sensei, that's the reason why she is taller than most of them.

I was really happy to find her at the store yesterday because I missed the pre-order and was worried there wouldn't be any of her left anywhere. I was also impatient to open her last night. 
Here is the video
And some pictures

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