Monday, May 16, 2016

Pullip doll: Classical Alice Sepia (with video)

One more Alice came to join my Alice family of pullip dolls. She is called Classical Alice Sepia and she is the third and last of the classical Alice. The classical Alice series has six dolls: the Classical Queen, The Classical Mad Hatter, The Classical White Rabbit and the three Alices. 
I started with the Classical Alice normal version and I wasn't too sure about the Sepia version, she was a bit too dark with washed out colors for an Alice. Still she is a very beautiful doll. I finally decided to get her and to try and complete my Alice collection. I'm only missing the White Rabbit in the Classical Alice series.
There are however many Alice series and I'm far from having them all. I currently have six Alices out of twelve (if I counted correctly.) One of them might be quite impossible to find but I might get the other in time.

Here is the video of the box opening I made on Saturday. 
Here are some pictures of Sepia Alice. You can find more in the facebook Alice and the White Rabbit Album.
 Classical Alice in two colors
 Classical Alices
 All my Alices

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