Saturday, April 23, 2016

Taeyang (A to Z challenge 2016)

The theme of my A-to-Z April Challenge this year is dolls, as I have a lot of dolls and I'm pretty sure I can go from A-to-Z with them. Today for the letter T is for Taeyang, Pullip's boyfriend.

Taeyang is Pullip's second boyfriend. He was created to replace her ex-boyfriend Namu who is apparently a friend of Taeyang. Namu wasn't really popular, I think people didn't find him cute or handsome so they stopped releasing new version of him and introduced Taeyang instead 10 years ago. Taeyang is also the older brother of Dal who was also introduced 10 years ago. Groove promised special released of them this year for the anniversary. People have been a bit impatient about it but I'm personally expecting them to be released in October as they were in their first year. 
I have 16 Taeyang some are counterpart to Pullip releases and some are independent. 

Taeyang Arashi
Taeyang Alfred
Taeyang Mad Hatter du Jardin
Taeyang Sol
Taeyang Gyro
Taeyang Pluto
Taeyang Timulus
Taeyang Twilight Destiny
Taeyang Valko
Taeyang Wayne
Taeyang Nosferatus
Taeyang Richt
Taeyang dodo in Steampunk World
Taeyang Vocaloid Kaito
Taeyang Shade
Taeyang MIO Dark Galactic Angel Antares(on the right)

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