Saturday, April 2, 2016

Barasuishou (A-to-Z challenge 2016)

The theme of my A-to-Z April Challenge this year is dolls, as I have a lot of dolls and I'm pretty sure I can go from A-to-Z with them. The second doll I'm going to introduce to the A-to-Z participants is the pullip Barasuishou. 

Barasuishou is part of the Rozen Maiden. Rozen Maiden is a Japanese animation series about a group of dolls who are competing to be the last one and be able to meet with their creator they call Father. The guy never appears in the anime except in their memory and he really sounds like a jerk but they really like him. Hence why they want to meet him no matter what. It's a kind of funny and cute animation. 
Barasuishou is one of the "bad dolls" the one who wants to take the power by force and don't hesitate to fight. 

Groove, the company that makes the pullip dolls, has two Rozen Maiden series. My favorite series is the latest one because I think their outfits are of higher quality. Though, Barasuishou was the only Rozen Maiden that wasn't remade and I had to get her from the first series. She is really special because her outfit is purple and purple is my favorite color.  

This is Barasuishou in her box, she comes with and eye patch in form of a rose (Bara means rose in Japanese), a key to make her come alive (at least in the animation), a purple sword.
All pullips also come with an ID card.
Pullip dolls are 1/6 dolls because their body is on the 1/6 scale compared to human size but their head are 1/3 which makes it easier to have a lot of details.
I attached her eye patch around her waist because I'm a bit afraid it would scratch her face in the long run.
There are nine Rozen Maiden dolls in total. I have them all but I haven't taken a full group picture yet. Here Barasuishou (on the right) is with Shinku (in the middle) and Suigintou (on the left side).
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  1. Enough dolls for the entire month, that's a lot of dolls!
    I was never into dolls, even when I was young. Now I think they're mostly kind-of creepy. Like Chucky in the movies. ;-)