Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 55

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
“Today is the day you are reborn from your own blood, the sacrifice you performed today will fill this cave of the energy of the dead god and empower you to fulfill your destiny”, the demon was saying.

Lonan liked having a destiny, it was making him feel special compared to the people who didn’t have one, he looked around and smiled, the ground looked like a picture he had once seen in a book about the Spanish civil war, it was called Guernica and it was monstrous because it was drawn from something which had really happened. Lonan always wanted to see it for real and now he was pleased to have it in front of his eyes, the pieces of demon bodies scattered in chaos all over the floor. He didn’t like this place much but he liked this world better than the demon world, at least here he didn’t need to stay quiet and hide his powers all the time, he could scare people as much as he wanted. He had trouble to concentrate on what the ugly one was saying. He just wanted his present now, for all his hard work at redecorating. 

“You will raise in this world and cover the demon world with the blood of the infidel, the nephilim and the watcher protecting them, then the watcher not performing their duty as demons who have long forgotten what they owe to be, staying in houses like humans and performing degrading works. It is time for us to rise against the multitude and to bring a new order in this world, an order where the stronger rules over the weaker, an order of demonic chaos. It is time for us to rise and to take what is due to us in this world to conquer the world around us to start again to holly war against heaven and to put an end to the degradation demon suffered from other species for the last centuries.” 

He was talking funny, as if he was crazy, Lonan liked crazy stories.

“Today my brothers, you are reborn from the blood of the weaker one, today my brother you won the right to rule over this world and the next in the name of the holy hunters. Today you became one of us and it is time for you to rise and perform the sacred ritual.” 
Saying that he rose a cup out of nowhere and drunk, passed it on to the next of the three who was now standing by his side so that he could drink too and passed it on to the last who finished the cup to the last drop and passed it to one of the demons in black. 

The echo of applause rose in the cave, it was so empty now that it was easy for sound to resonate. Yue walked in the middle of it, right in front of the three. They started to smile but their smiles soon disappeared. 

“Bla, bla, bla,bla, bla, bla” he said walking toward them, “Did you finish yet?”
“You”, the demon in the middle exclaimed “You were supposed to die!”
Yue smirked happy to have his suspicions confirmed so easily.
“Sorry for disappointing you”, he said still working toward them. 

What is Yue going to do? What is Yue going to do? To know it, come back next week!

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