Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 54

Welcome to the first Demon World unedited part of the year. We start right where we left of last time.
He was still feeling weak, as if his body was burning from inside. You could see the fever in his eyes which were slowly taking a strange black shape instead of their usual light blue color. Torsti came close to them, making sure to show his back to no one. It was strange to see him walk this way, he was being so cautious, him who earlier had been smashing demons with his huge hammer as easily as he was breathing. Demons were slowly getting up and looking at the three of them on their throne. The scene was a lot different than when they had arrived in the room. When they had arrived, they were many and they felt strong. Now, they were only few of them and they felt broken. They didn’t know what would come next but despise their pain they weren’t ready to stop fighting yet. The guys on the thrones were looking at them and laughing as if pleased by the disastrous spectacle they were offering.
“Those bastards”, the older demon said so softly that only Yue seemed to hear it.
They all seemed to feel the same way about it. The hunters had played them, promised powers stronger than had ever been imagined but they were there standing, broken, but not quite yet.
“Congratulation!” said the demon who hadn’t spoken yet. “Congratulation on becoming more than you ever dreamed of, on achieving your full potential, on erasing from the surface of this earth the one who weren’t strong enough to deserve such glory!”
“It looks like I have won something”, Lonan said happily looking at his brother.
Odeon enforced his grip on his shoulder, Lonan turned back understanding that now was the time to listen at the ugly ones again. He yawn feeling bored. He didn’t like all that stuff much, grown up people were generally so slow at coming to the point. If he had won something they could just give it to him and then he would just go home and enjoy his price. Grown up people always had to make things more complicated than they owned to be. He felt Odeon’s grip on his shoulder getting more and more powerful. Odeon was angry and when Odeon was angry, it was really scary, for everyone around, so he decided to stay quiet and to listen.

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