Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Cinema: Anna Karenina

There are a lot of movie adapted from Anna Karenina, today I'll talk about the 2012 version.

The story: Anna Karenina is invited to Moscow to help her brother to solve problems in his marriage. There, she meets Count Vronsky and falls in love with him. But she is married. She flew back home to St. Petersburg but Vronsky follows her. Anna elope with him but she can't pursue her social life because of the adultery. Vronsky however has no problems to show himself. Anna becomes increasingly paranoid.
At the same time, Konstantin Levin wants to marry Princess Kitty who was once in love with Vronsky. 

My feelings: I like this story. One of my goals is to be able to read it one day in Russian. But I think that movie wasn't really good. It jumps from scene to scene without properly linking them and if you don't the story in advance and who are the character it must be really difficult to follow. It is made in a very artistic way so that it starts in a sort of theater and the decors always shifts back to it. The background actors also tend to disappear to leave the protagonists alone. I think it's supposed to represent the passion but it tends to be confusing as we never really know where we are at and what is really happening. Though Keira Knightley is as amazing as ever. I wish she could be Anna Karenina in a more ordered movie.


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