Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 53

Welcome to Demon World unedited. It seems it's finally time for alliance. But can demons really trust each other?
Yue was the first one to recover. He landed near Kamaril and blocked his fist. The young demon was barely strong enough to stand on his feet but he wasn’t ready to forget to fight for his life yet.
“Let’s get out of here”, Yue said.
“Why would you help me”, Kamaril said looking at him. Yue didn’t have a single scratch, even his clothes were almost unstained and the stained weren’t his own blood. He knew how to fight, maybe that was the only thing he could remember about himself. He was tired, heavily tired but he wouldn’t have let anyone to know.
Kamaril on the other side had bruises and cuts all over his body, his shirt had disappeared and he was trembling with rage and cold.
Yue looked around,
“Because the guys who locked us here are going to come back to finish what they started, they don’t want us awoke, they want us dead”, he said.
“I think you’re right kid”, a voice said on his left. It was a demon, around forty, he was holding his arm above the elbow, and the rest of it was missing. He stood up straighter, fighting against his tiredness.
“Let’s get the hell out of here” he yelled. His voice barely covered Odeon’s but the fights completely stopped. Yue wasn’t sure how but everyone must have had their dose of killing for the day, or for a life time. He wanted to sleep, not even to eat anything and fill his long time empty stomach, he just wanted to go home and sleep, even though he knew that it was impossible now, he had to get out and run for his life. They all seemed to feel the same, the people they had been sharing meal with for the last couple of months were now dead and they had killed them. Demons didn’t feel the guilt of the killing, more the proud of being alive but this time was different, they were more grateful than anything else, not grateful for their new powers, grateful for their lives.
But getting out of here wasn’t going to be that easy. As soon as the fights stopped, they reappeared. First the background guys, disappearing like one in the shadow behind the thrones, then the three of them, wearing new fresh clothes and all of the demons around would have envied from their garments covered in blood and sweat.
Odeon staggered to the front, he was blinded by anger. Yue put a hand on his arm to stop him but Odeon pushed him away. So Yue put his hand on his arm again and burned it, with his divine black fire. The fire wasn’t to be seen, it was propagated inside of Odeon’s arm, cleaning the rage, making his body become numb, it was painful, extremely painful, if he wasn’t calming down soon, if Yue wasn’t releasing his grip soon, he would die.
“We’ll take them down”, Yue muttered soflty in his hear. “We’ll take them all down.”
Odeon looked at him and Yue released his grip. Odeon felt on his knees like emptied from his entire energy. Lonan ran toward him.
“What did you do to Odeon?” he said looking up at Yue angrily. He was ready to fight, Yue knew that.
“It’s alright Lonan, everything is going to be fine now”, Odeon said.

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