Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 51

Welcome to Demon World unedited.I wonder why they are hiding, but I guess a lot of people would be envious of so much power.
His father walked toward the river, and passed the rays of this lamp on the snow. It was covered in blood, there was a dear lying in the snow near the river, it was atrociously mutilated. Odeon remembered the smell of the blood suddenly so strong, he remembered the blanket he was it becoming red as he turned around to vomit. He was covered in the blood of the animal, he didn’t remember doing anything. Then he was sick, for four weeks with a very high fever and his parents were preparing to move again. If they had been someone by the river, if he had been seen, this place wasn’t safe anymore. There was absolutely no way of making them change their mind, Torsti had been pleading again and again. Odeon’s spirit was broken by the death of the dear, he kept on seeing the woman’s face so close to his again and again in his dreams, he had high fever and his power was emerging. Demons were supposed to get their full powers when they turned fifteen, they were supposed to go through terrible exams to waken them all. But his was not a common power. He was feeling different than he was, he was feeling powerful and that was scaring him.
Torsti was still destroying every demon coming his way, turning his heavy hammer around in the air and smashing them as if they were barely nothing but air already. They were falling and still more were coming. Yue looked at the scene wondering what could push so many people in such a desperate attempt to fight him, or were they just trying to look heroic while only intending to kill themselves. There was no way of getting close to Torsti, at least not while he still had the hammer in his hands. He was wild and terrifying, with a smile of intense pleasure on his face at every blow. He was the complete opposite as Odeon, Yue wondered how two people so different could be brothers and more how they could be staying together. Torsti pull out his last blow straight on the face of one of the demons attacking him, maybe it was a desperate attempt to awake, thinking that if he could escape that blow, he would be able to become a god himself but the only result was that the top part of his head, just below the eyes felt his body to go crash on the nearby wall, just in between the thrones while the rest of his body shaking entirely as his nerves were realizing their last bit of electricity felt loudly on the floor at Torsti’s feet. Torsti put the head of his hammer down, smashing uselessly the lower jaw of the dead demon. He was smiling like a kid on Christmas day discovering all his present, he was truly enjoying himself.

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