Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 49

Welcome to Demon World unedited. Sometimes, I wonder if demons are really that hard to kill because it always seems that so many of them die.
Demons were hard to kill except if you were to get them from behind, their weakest point was their wings but except for that their body was still the same as a human body, everything you would do to a human would work on a demon and be painful just demon had powers to recover faster at least if they had time to use them. Yue raised slowly above the ground looking at the battle. The ceiling wasn’t really high enough for an air fight and he didn’t really want to be knocked down like a flying bird. Demon fights were messy, everybody was fighting for themselves, they were no alliances and if there were, it was a competition between who was going to turn back again the other first. Demons didn’t know allegiance. They were not stupid, they just couldn’t work in team, no matter the reason. And why bother to tell them that everyone would be able to go out alive if they were to help each other, they already knew that, they just didn’t see why bother to safe a complete stranger or even a friend when they could just save themselves and get the benefit alone. But seeing the result now, most of them, pieces of their body scattered on the floor, must have being regretting their choice. Yue had thought that most of them would survive and just keep on fighting forever as they would wake up as gods and their powers were annihilate each other. But that was far from the truth. Most of them were dead, seeing what was going on he would have said more than ninety percent of them were now feeding the ground with their blood. He had never seen anything like this before, they could have awakened and be the strongest army in the world if things had been properly done. That forced awakeness had killed most and for the rest, they were so tired than even a normal demon would have been able to get rid of them. He could have gotten rid of them but he wasn’t sure to be able to survive his own fire anymore. Those three, they didn’t left them in this room to awake their powers and make them god so that they could fight together against a stronger enemy or the rest of the Nephilim, they had put them in this room so that they could get rid of as much of them as possible. It was clear now.
The three brothers were still in the front of the room, near the throne, alive. Odeon was looking around with an expression of disgust on his face. He didn’t like what he saw, something was clearly wrong, demons in this room had been wilder than what he was used to, than what he was expected. If they had been gathering them for a higher purpose, what was the goal of letting so many of them died so miserably, at the bottom of and anonymous cave. He wanted grandeur, he wanted to rule over strong and powerful demons not to have to kill them to protect himself and his family. Of course he loved blood but there was too much blood and it wasn’t the blood of their enemy, it was the random blood of potential ally. He had sensed the power around. He had sense the power ready to awake in the eyes of the people he had killed, it wasn’t something pleasing, it was a waste for the world and a waste for his own purpose. He was mad, he was so angry at those guys for locking them up down here, he was mad at himself for not stepping up more strongly and stopping the massacre, he was mad at himself for not yet being the ruler that everyone was expecting him to be, he was mad at the entire demon species.

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