Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 45

Welcome to Demon World unedited. Those four always have the weirdest ideas  and problems with authority.
“I won” Sahel said.
“Damn it!” Seti answered
“What did you win?” Evalynn answered.
“I knew that you were going to come along”, Sahel answered.
Seti kept walking away, he wonder how he was going to ever be able to get rid of Azazel.
“We need to keep it low”, he said turning around.
“First we go get more stones”, Sahel said.
“First we get out of here” Seti answered.
“And how do you think we will get more stone, I’m telling you there is nothing left in the store”, Azazel said.
“Mind you I better verify that myself”, Seti answered clinging at the dark stone in his hand. He had never felt that powerful since the chaos had been asleep after he left the fairy world. He had felt all the way as if something had been missing inside of his body. He was happy to have gotten rid of the chaos, not to be manipulated by its power again, to be able to actually deside how to use his powers and what for, not to constantly fight again the painful headache the chaos was giving him if he wasn’t obedient but he had also been feeling alone without the voice in his head to keep him company. Even that very bad company had been better all these years than complete solitude. But now he was feeling the power flowing in his veins.
“Where do you think you’re going”, a strong voice said behind him.
“Hum out”, Azazel answered turning around smirking.
“We have orders, nobody leaved the sanctuary until we understand what’s going on”, the demon said. He was probably around thirty-five. He was thin, thiner than common demons but that was one of the new characteristic of the Nephilim, they didn’t have as much muscle as the watchers, they had been for most of them in the sanctuary, tortured and undernourished.
“Hum out”, Azazel repeated as if he didn’t care.
“Hum no”, the older demon said mimicking him.
“Ok, let’s see, if you let us out you’ll be in trouble so what about you pretend you didn’t see us and let us go.” Azazel said.
“and what about you just stay put and quiet and study for a change”, the older demon answered.
Seti and Sahel looked at each other knowing that Azazel wasn’t going to be pleased with what they were thinking at the moment.
“It’s ok Az”, Sahel said, “you stay here and we give you news as soon as possible.” He put a firm hand on his shoulder as to seal him on the ground of the sanctuary. “No freaking way”, Azazel said angrily pushing his hand away with a brusque movement.
“How is that difficult to understand “no-bo-dy leaves the sanc-tu-a-ry”?” the older demon said over articulating each syllable as if it was going to sink more easily in their stubborn heads this way.
“I guess you’re right”, Sahel said coming toward him with a little sign, almost imperceptible to the others to follow him. “Plus Seti is not completely himself yet, we better go back to the infirmary” he continued.

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