Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cinema Special Pirate Week: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Let's continue our Pirate Week Special with the second of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie: Dead Man's Chest. 

Story: After their Adventure with Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth and Will are ready to get married, however, the East India Trading Company's manager, Lord Cutler Beckett decides to arrest them both for helping Jack to escape. They are sentenced to death, Will makes a bargain with Lord Cutler Beckett: he will bring to him the compass of Jack Sparrow in exchange for their lives. 
At the same time, Jack is running out of time, Captain Davy Jones has sent the Kracken after him to reclaim his soul. Jack needs to find the key and the chest containing the heart of Davy Jones before being eaten.

My feelings: This movie was filled with a lot of special effects. I really enjoyed the folklore and the different sea creatures. The crow of Davy Jones is very diversified and I wonder how did the pirates changed into being partially fish. Looking at Will's father, it seems to be a slow process. I wonder a bit what was going on between Elizabeth and Jack, is she really going to marry Will? Or did she start developing feelings for her favorite captain? 
This story runs a lot more around greed than the previous one and I think it really fits pirates. I also enjoyed the fact that there was more diversity in location and awesome scenes at sea, especially with the Kraken, which reminded me of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

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