Sunday, November 8, 2015

203/365 (2) Theora Celtic style

I totally love Arwyn Celtic Maiden from antiquelilac but antiquelilac is not making those outfit anymore and I don't have and Elfdoll Ryung either so really no luck for me. 
Instead I decided to make a Celtic outfit for my pullip Theora. I wanted to make this outfit for so long. First, it took me a while to get all the things I needed and second I have a tendency to do things over and over in my head so sometimes it's hard to start doing them, I mean they are already done, just in thought form.
Anyway, I decided that today was the day. I cleaned up my work space that was full of dolls and here we go nine hours with a curry break later.
The dress, the T-shirt, the skirt, the belt and the plaid are done. Cut, sewing, embroderie and beads, the only things I didn't do today are the knitted sleeves with I also had for a few weeks.

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