Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 44

Welcome to Demon World unedited. Oh boys, always trying to keep the girls out of the fun!
Seti looked at him and pointed at the stone which was turning quickly in his hand due to the power it was absorbing.
“Do you think it’s safe to cure myself now”, he said.
Sahel notted.
Seti closed his eyes and concentrated on every painful part of his body, light blue light covered his entire body and he started to levitate over his hammock.
“What the hell is happening?” Azazel asked coming toward him but he wasn’t certain he could touched him.
The dark stone felt on the floor and a huge crack appeared on it as if it had been absorbing too much, too fast. Seti felt back on his hammock and open his eyes slowly.
“Bloody hell, that the hell was that” he said smiling.
“You tell me” Azazel answered.
Seti jumped down the hammock, hit the ground with both feet as to make sure that his legs were ok, stretched his arms and wings and grabbed the stone. It was dead, he couldn’t feel anything anymore holding it.
“I think I’ve never felt so good in my life” he said giving the stone back to Sahel.
“We will need more of these” Sahel said.
“We need a battle plan against the hunters first” Seti said.
“We better go to my place”, Sahel answered.
“It is forbidden to quite the premise for the time being”, Evalynn said stopping both of them grabbing them by the arm.
“Watch me”, Sahel said.
Seti smirked taking her arm away. His smile was saying the same, there was absolutely no way to keep him captive at the sanctuary.
“The hunters are mine, all of them”, he said.
They both walked out of the room leaving Azazel and Evalynn in the middle debating with themselves.
“They are definitely going to get in trouble this time”, Evalynn said.
“And they don’t even know anything about those hunters really”, Azazel said.
“And they don’t even know if that’s the hunters they are after”, Evalynn said.
“And they can’t really be trusted on their own”, Azazel said.
“Yeah” Evalynn answered
“Yeah” he said jumping to kiss her. It was a heavy kiss and he wouldn’t let his hands of her while she kept on pushing him away.
“You stay here, it can be dangerous”, he said finally letting her go.
“No freaking way” she answered.
“Eva, this time I mean it”, he said.
“You can’t think when I’m not around”, she answered smirking.
He walked out, she followed him.

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