Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 43

Welcome to Demon World unedited. Demons are definitely not the most obedient creatures in the world. It must be hard to be their teacher sometimes.
It was very rare for the Nephil to be allowed to go out during the day, the teacher considered it way to dangerous for the time being. Sahel and Seti were going out just because they weren’t untitled to the same rules the people living here full time were. Azazel always felt a bit resentful about that.
“The teacher gave me a list of ingredient”, Azazel said taking the list out of his pocket. He had reported the incident to the teacher already but he knew, the novel were travelling extremely fast in the demon world even though the TV channels were mostly showing snow and the radio show wouldn’t last because the radio stations were generally destroyed by an unhappy auditor.
Sahel snatched the paper out of Azazel’s hand and read the list of ingredient.
“He wasn’t so do a search spell and a recall spell”, he said.
“Yes I know, one of the younger demons has been missing and some people reported having seen him surrounded by watcher last night, just before he disappeared”, Azazel answered.
Seti and Sahel looked at each other as if they suddenly understood.
“Hunters”, they said with a united voice.
Azazel looked at them astonished.
“Why are you so obsessed with those guys?” he asked.
“Because they are everywhere and right now they are preparing something huge and this demon won’t be the only one to disappear, I would bet that there are missing kids in the world all over the place”, Sahel said.
“There always is, nothing weird with that”, Azazel answered.
“Nothing weird until the only shop that managed to stay open more than fifty years end up with a dead owner just one day before people start showing off powers that annihilate our Heather power and the kidnapping of one of us by one of them”, Sahel answered.
“Even for the demon world, that’s a lot going on in one day”, Seti said.
Azazel didn’t move, he was thinking hard. It all could have been coincidence.
Evalynn burst in the room.
“I knew I could found you here”, she said, she was out of breast as if she had been running. “Two more people had disappeared, they didn’t show up for breakfast yet and they are not in their room.”
“They are probably fooling around somewhere”, Azazel said passing a hand in her back as if he also wanted to be fooling around somewhere.
“No the teacher is extremely anxious about it and he can’t localize them anywhere in the sanctuary”, she answered.
“Everything just as planned”, Sahel said.

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