Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 42

Welcome to Demon World unedited. Seti is now using some strange stone to speed up his recovery. I think there is something more than meet the eyes about them.
Seti looking at the stone feeling puzzled, he could feel it absorbing energy out of his body, and his body was becoming lighter as if the weight of the attack had been taken away suddenly.
“I think you can use your Heather powers with this now”, Sahel said. “You can also wait a bit to get slightly high, it can’t hurt.”
“You shouldn’t” Azazel said trying to get the stone away from him but Seti was clinging at it firmly.
“What’s the matter with you?” Sahel said pushing him away, “since yesterday, you’re just acting like a scared prick.”
Azazel pushed him back strongly to liberate himself.
“We don’t know where this is coming from”, he started.
“From the store in the city center, near the power grotto”, Sahel interrupted him, “the shop keeper is only half demon, it’s the safest place in town.” The Grotto was in the memory of any demons of their age and older for being the place where their powers were painfully given to them “She is dead”, Azazel said opening big eyes, wondering how it was possible for someone not to know that.
“She can’t be, I saw her just few hours ago”, Sahel said.
“Well that was few hours ago, now she is dead, she killed a lot of demons all day long for unknown reasons and now they got her back and it was freaking bloody, I can tell you I saw it with my own eyes”, Azazel answered.
Sahel remembered the heavy odor of blood that was impregnated in the shop when he had come in the morning, the regrouping of demons in front of the door and the green light which had struck one of them, it was clear that something might had happened there.
“How did that happen?” he asked.
“I don’t know, I arrived after the facts, just heard people talking around, I didn’t stay too long, the shop was pretty devastated, I couldn’t even found what I was looking for, almost everything had been stolen already”, he answered.
“and what where you looking for?” Sahel asked.

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