Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 41

Welcome to Demon World unedited. It seems that Seti always has troubles in the Demon World. How would you feel about going back to a dangerous place when you know you can stay in a safe one as long as you desire? 
In the human world, the cars weren’t burning as often, at least you could expect to own one that wouldn’t burn. Most demons never covered huge distances, there was no way of transportation except by flying on your own, a well trained demon could do more than three hundreds kilometers a day this way, so cars and buses and trains seemed pretty useless. Some family however had decided to introduce some just for the fun of it, to be able to travel together without tiring yourself too much, so they had brought some from the Human World, they still did sometimes, forgetting how easily they burned. It was as if they were doing it on purpose: “let’s get a car and see how long it takes for it to turn into ashes”, and it was fast, really fast, even in Seti’s family part of the town, there was no cars, Seti had never ridden one. The human world was such a better place to live in, he had never been truly happy anywhere else, but the demon world was attracting him somehow. He sight and turned slowly to face the door, moving was painful on his lungs, as if using his Heather powers had burned them. There were some noises in the corridors, he waited until they passed, and demons had been curiously popping in all day long, some of them even taking pictures, most of them laughing. Seti wondered how many would have survive that sort of attack, probably not many. The noise disappeared, Seti closed his eyes relieved. He would have to distribute good points when he would be able to walk again. He smirked at the idea, demons needed to fight, always, to be in the center of action.
“I’m telling you it’s going to work”, it was Sahel’s voice in the corridor.
“Just ask the teacher about it first”, Azazel answered.
Both of them bumped in the room still arguing.
“Since when do you need permission to do anything and since when do you care about Seti that much that you are afraid of things turning wrong”, Sahel said laughing. He was carrying a black stone in his hand and seemed slightly euphoric.
“At least let me touch it first”, Azazel answered.
“No freaking way, that thing makes you too high”, Sahel answered taking Seti’s hand and placing the stone in it.
“Feeling better”, he asked, he could feel his mood slowly getting down to the ground, as if something special was suddenly missing. He felt as if he was able to see everything more clearly now, without all that stress turning around him.

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