Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Pride and Prejudice

This week we are having a comparison between Pride and Prejudice the TV series from 1995 and Pride and Prejudice the movie from 2005, taken from the Novel of the same name by Jane Austin. 

The story: The Bennets have five daughters to marry. Finding husbands for her daughters is the main occupation of Mrs. Bennet and she would like them to be rich as, with no male heir, her husband fortune is to go to his nephew. Charles Bingley, an wealthy bachelor arrives in the neighborhood by renting Netherfield accompanied by his even wealthier friend Mr. Darcy. On one hand, Mr. Bingley is very pleasing and favors greatly Jane, the elder daughter. On the other hand, Mr. Darcy seemed very proud and distant. Then arrives the cousin Mr. Collins, ready to marry any of the Benet girls, and a Wickham who seems very happy to count his ill fortune to any one willing to listen. 

Comparison: Of course both the TV series and the movie are great adaptation very faithful to novel. 
The movie as the advantage to summarize the story really well by using a lot of body language to transmit the emotion between the characters. I especially like Keira Knighley in it, she is extremely convincing and passionate in her role as Elizabeth.
The movie also uses places very beautifully and efficiently. However, the Bingley family is simplified as well as Bingley's sister character. 

The TV series is more of a step by step adaptation and has the best Mrs. Bennet. Alison Steadman makes the character particularly loud and insufferable and hilarious. This version also include a lot more on Jane and Lydia's part than the movie and it's really interesting to see something else than Elizabeth. The emotions are also down played and translated into more words than body language and actions, only Mrs Bennet gets extreme.

You surely wouldn't waste your time watching both.

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