Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Steampunk doll video series part 6 (Pluto)

Today is the last part of the Steampunk video series until I get a new doll or create something Steampunk for them. 
So it's time to take pictures of my big boy Taeyang Pluto. Taeyang Pluto was my second Taeyang so he has been with me for quite some times. He is supposed to be the counterpart of Pullip Aurora in the second Steampunk series Eclipse. 
I think he is also a very interesting character. He is apparently chasing the sound of the wave in the darkness to dominate the night. 
He has many particular features, he is the only Taeyang with intermittent eyebrows and with breaded hair as well as black nail polish. I think that makes him really unique and cool and I'm very happy to have him in my collection. The only thing a bit annoying is his hat. It isn't large enough to fit on his head and there is no clip to attach it to his wig like Aurora's.
Here is the video. There was no annoying wasp today.
Here is the photo album. As usual, the last doll comes last so you need to go to the further pages to see Pluto.

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