Monday, October 5, 2015

Pullip doll: Galactic Angel Warrior Antares

This week's post is a little special because it's about my first Taeyang MIO. It took me a long time to make this doll, not really because it was difficult but more because I was a little bit scared of making a boy. I mean even if I add a bit too much make up for a girl doll, it's fine, with a boy, there is still a line that can't be broken. 
I started on his face. The concept was to make another Galactic Angel Warrior to go with Polaris but this time it needed to be in black and red. I wanted to call him Antares, Antares is the most brilliant star on the Scorpio constellation. So I had to draw the Scorpio constellation on his face. Polaris has the Orsa Minor constellation on the side of her face but the Scorpio constellation is a bit bigger so I came up with the idea of having it on my Taeyang cheek and up to his forehead with Antares on his eyelid so we can see it only when his eyes is closed.
The wig came back about two weeks later and there was a little pendant with a wings as a present with it which I think really suit the character.
I already has the material for the outfit, I ordered the feathers months ago so I just had to go on with the sewing. I used the patterns already made for one of my Namu and here is the result: Galactic Angel Warrior Antares.
I like how different he is from Polaris, she looks like she was just out of a fight with some tears on her outfit and he looks so classy.

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