Saturday, October 17, 2015

Azone doll: Hello Kikipop! Kiki Honey Pink

I didn't think I wanted the Hello Kikipop doll when I first saw them on internet pictures. They were just normal dolls to me. Then I saw them in person at the azone store and then multiple variation at the doll shows and they really grew on me but they were already sold out. Then azone decided to have a second bash of them and once again I started hesitating until the last minute when I ordered both. 
They both come from amazon but through different company so Kiki Honey Pink arrived first. She is even more adorable in my hand than when I saw her at different places, maybe because she is mine. 
I love her little duck face. She is very heavy compared to my other doll and I guess that's what makes her so posable. She can stand by herself even when she doesn't have both her feet on the ground.

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