Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 40

Welcome to Demon World unedited. Last week, Brownie lost consciousness and as she isn't going to wake up any time soon, it's time to go back to the demon world and see what our favorite demons are really up to.
Seti was still lying in the hammock in the infirmary. He wasn’t feeling too good about going out, it was a cozy place. He wanted to see Kallisto. He hadn’t seen her for two entire days, she was probably extremely worried. 
Every time he had been going back to the demon world he had come back to her hurt in some way, in very extreme ways, unable to stand on his feet or even to stay conscious or in very tiny ways that he wouldn’t even notice, just tiny cuts on his cheek or hands or bruises, but she would know. She knew him a lot better than he knew himself. She always had, since their very first meeting. He didn’t know why he was even bothering to come back to the Demon World, there was nothing for him there, there never had been. But as strange as that might seems, even to him, it was his world and he was afraid of completely abandoning it. It was the worst place to be, well, they said that hell was much worse and that some dimensions here were so terrible that you couldn’t even breath but Seti had never been there all he could really compare the Demon World with was the human World. 
In the human World, there was Kallisto, there were nice houses aligned properly, and still standing, most of the houses in the poor side of the cities in the Demon World were ruined, it was fun for young demons to spend the evening throwing Molotov cocktails here and there, careless of what they might hit. He knew because he had seen them do it, of course he wasn’t supposed to, he was supposed to be locked in his room at that time but locks had never really held it. It was one of the things about being a demon, you could take care of little in convenient. In his side of the city, it was rarer to get hit but randomness being a good demon property, it was not completely safe. 
Of course it was more dangerous to attack rich people and his family had done alright. In the Human there was sunshine once in a while at least a lot more than expected, he never had seen the sunshine before going there, in the Demon World reigned the area of pollution, the sky was forever covered with dark grey clouds, they were so dark that in winter, it was becoming almost impossible to distinguish between day and night. The heavy smoke of burning buildings and material were always covering the streets of the city. Demon didn’t get sick so easily, they had their Heather powers against it but Seti was wondering how long the pollution cloud could be maintain before demons start dying by just breathing in.

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