Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 39

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. Now that she has the position, it's time to use it. Let's go back in time!

The potion was ready, it was thick and viscous, it seemed that flower petals which had long ago lost their colors were floating at the surface, a heavy sent of alcohol and sugar was emerging from the glass. She had a small moment of déjà-vu. It was right, she had already been there holding that glass, the potion was definitely going to work this time. But she wasn’t quite ready to drink it, she needed to calm down first, the happiness of achieving it was high and she needed to go down to a more stoic and realistic level. She put the glass in front of her, her throat jumping with excitement giving her entire body a shiver. She concentrated on the light of the purple candle, trying to form a ball of purple light around her to help her spirit being carried. She was enjoying herself. That level of Magick she had only achieved it once before, when Sahel had appeared in this room right in the center of this pentagram. At that time, she was a beginner witch and she was confused about what she was doing, this time, she knew the achievement, the difficulty, where she was going and what to expect. She was feeling euphoric. The ball of light grew around her easily, she was drowning so much power that it seemed that the power was running in her veins filling her entire body. She understood the feeling of herself when she had poured that liquid in hers and her friends glasses so long ago. She understood why that feeling worth being killed for, she was in a state of high achievement, a completion of work. Like a scientist finally getting the result he had working on for month, like a writer completing his book, like a doctor finally curing a patient from a long and dangerous decease. The energy was all around she could feel the universe growing inside of her carried by the smell of the burning dragon blood. She took the glass in her hand carefully and ported it to her lips, the mélange entered her mouth slowly, she didn’t need to swallow, it was sliding along her throat slowly, like filling her entire body. She didn’t had to finished the glass, it felt on the floor as her body heavy like a stone started shaking violently as the felt herself lying while she lost consciousness.

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