Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 37

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. Will something come out of Brownie's spell? Get the answer just now!

She then placed the stone on the top of the Earth box, slightly pressing on it for it to absorb the energy of the ground. That was the difficult part, she could use herself as a vessel to be in connection with Earth but she had a lot of trouble feeling the energy when she was using an object in between and only her fingers instead of her entire body. She concentrated as much as she could but still couldn’t feel the energy coming to the stone. She knew it was there though because the flame of the green candle was burning higher and stronger than usual. She released her pressure slowly and took the stone in her hand, she could feel it, the tiny energy from the Earth box twirling a bit in the palm of her hand, she smiled.
She finally placed the stone in the bowl of water. She only had to wait enough time for the water to charge the stone with its full moon power. She concentrating on the element visualizing a spring and water running on the ground in a forest, in was autumn in her visualization, the water was running between yellow, red, orange and brown leafs meeting small rocks and plants. The water was charging its energy from everything it was encountering and giving them some of its, for the plants and grass to grow and live. Then the water was continuing its course toward a larger river, going down and becoming tumultuous gaining in strength had every step. It was not only a source of life anymore, it became the element of live with plants and fishes leaving inside of it, it was encompassing everything, a entire universe until it reached the sea and expanded into an ocean of mystery, so deep that you would never know what to find and what resources were there, the dark power in the profoundness of water. She projected the energy of her visualization into the water, redrawing many times the path of the water before taking her stone out of the water. The dried it carefully with the white towel, in general stone didn’t like to be wet that much then places few dropped of dragon blood on the top of it. Liquid dragon blood was a very good energy conductor. She placed the stone in the middle of her palms and meditated. She was breathing in and out very carefully, attracting energy from the universe into her body with every breath in and taking it to the stone with every breath out. She was visualizing a small ball of white pure glowing energy in her hands all around the stone. She was nourishing it with all happy and protective thought she had and attracting more energy from the space around her. She kept on meditating on attracting energy until the white ball in her hand grew enough to fill the all circle. It was as if she wasn’t really in the room anymore, the circle was a part of the universe like a very little star burning in the night sky. And suddenly, it stopped.

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