Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wonder Festival Summer 2015

On the 26th, I went to the Wonder Festival Summer 2015, it was my first time at the festival and it was huge! There were two large rooms with small participants selling figures and dolls clothes and goodies, and one large room with the main company such as HobbyJapan, Azone, Amiami...

 The Wonder Festival also presented an Evangelion expo which was pretty cool even if not as good as the expo in fuji-Q. There was an eva moving around, and a lot of figure. One thing that I'm always about is how little there is about Shinji. He was my favorite character from the start but only Rei and Asuka are getting the spot light. My boyfriend said it's because nobody like Shinji! Wow, give poor Shinji a break, if he is nowhere to be seen how can people start liking him!
The main attraction for me was the Azone Lil'Fairy booth, probably because I could participate. Here are my four Lil'Fairies in the Azone duorama. The Azone photograph gave me his flash for my camera, so it was a bit hard for my to take picture as I have no idea how to use a flash, it was my first time having one. The fairy with curly hair on the left side is not mine. One regret maybe is that I placed Lipu so far away at the back. 
The Azone photograph also took some picture, they are supposed to be uploaded on their website but it had been almost a week and I haven't see any of the picture yet, you can tell I'm getting a bit impatient. On the other hand, I would love to have a duorama for my girls.

And here is the full album of the picture I took from the Wonder Festival. If you can't see it here please check it out on the facebook page, here. I also uploaded an album with only the azone pictures and one special sailor moon.    Enjoy!

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