Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 34

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. Let's have a look at what's going on with Brownie.

Brownie took a deep breath and turned out the music, she liked to use music while taking her bath to relax before the ritual. She was not ready to concentrate yet, she dressed in her ritual clothes, a purple dress that she was always using. Some would have said that it wasn’t proper as deep purple was an oriented color, that white would have been preferable but her Magick was coming from inside, she needed something to feel comfortable and purple was her favorite color. She walked out of her bedroom trying not to give too much attention to the never ending noise in the house. It was a house filled with children after all, even at that time of the night it could be hard to find a quiet spot. She hold softly one of the black stone she had bought in the magick store, Sahel had taken the other one to go see Seti. It helped her relax a little, removing her anxiety, she let go of it slowly, she didn’t want to dive into euphoria, she had many thing she wanted to accomplish tonight.
She walked to the library tower at the end of the corridor and opened the door. The library was curiously empty. The light had been turned on. That would facilitate her task, not having to answer to questions before a ritual had become a luxury. There was always someone to ask what was the spell about, if they could watch, help, participate, if it was dangerous, so many distracting thoughts came to her head just because of it, even tonight when she was avoiding the question her thoughts were still wondering toward them, her thoughts were always wondering somewhere toward what was normal. She took another deep breath trying to focus her mind to the task at hand: walking to the secret room. The secret room was also empty. When she had discovered it, people had wanted to use it for themselves until Sahel’s dark shadow finally settled in. Nobody wanted to share space with it, and now, she had conveniently forgotten to tell them that it had imprisoned itself in Sahel’s medallion again.
She left her material on the only table of the room and light up the candles. The room had no electricity, and no heating, it was one of the oldest part of the house. She started the fire in the chimney. It was always ready to start with a lot of dry wood on the side and old newspaper. It was easy to start now. She was so used to it. She blew on the embers to make them red, soon the fire was crackling. She took the blanket off the ground to show off the pentacle. It was a large pentacle inside of a circle with one branch pointing at the North. The put her altar in the center on the North side, North was always the direction she was facing, it was a small circular wooden table. She had found it one day in a flea-market and had instantaneously loved it, it had needed a bit of work and painting but now it was looking adorable. She threw a black cover on the top of it. Black was the color of protection and she needed to be grounded very well tonight. What she was going to try wasn’t only as simple as recharging her stone with positive energy, it was something much much more complicated an ancient, something that had killed her long time ago, but she knew that she couldn’t avoid it anymore. Once she had opened the door of her past lives, she needed to know.

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