Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday cineme: Walk the line

Today's movie is the biographic movie of Johnny Cash: Walk the line. 

The Story: J.R. Cash always loved music. He was able to learn all of his mother's song very young while his brother, Jack, is training to become a pastor. One day while sawing wood, Jack has an accident and die from the injury. J.R.'s father start blaming him for the death of the "better" son.
Fast forward a few years and J.R. is in the army in Germany, he buys his first guitar and writes his first song. He also wants to marry Vivian.
When he comes back he marries her and become a failing saleman until one day he manages to grab a deal for a record. Soon is song is everywhere on the radio and J.R. know now as Johnny is touring the country with other artist from the label, Jerry Lee, Elvis and June Carter. 

My Feelings: I first watch this movie at the cinema when I was a student in Paris and they were giving students free tickets. I have watched his movie many time. I find it motivating to build confidence against trauma and adversity. It is the life of Johnny Cash but it is turned toward his love story with June Carter who was an exceptional woman. The two let actors are also exceptional and on the top of that, there is the music. 


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