Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Jurassic World

Today's movie is Jurassic World which I finally saw at the cinema last week.

The story: Jurassic World is now open on the island. After the multiple failing of Jurassic Park, they finally managed to get a huge viable park open with a lot of attraction for people to get close to dinosaurs. They even have a petting zoo with baby triceratops. 
Zack and Gray are sent by their parents to meet their aunt, Claire, at the park, she is one of the people in charge and got them VIP passes but is not really available to take care of them. She is sent by her boss to ask for Owen Grady, who is specialized in taming raptors (he is the raptors Alpha) to look at their soon to be attraction, a T-rex dinosaurs mixed with well classified stuff, which is particularly dangerous because he isn't socialized with other animals and because every one knows that when they mix DNA, the worse always happens. Then the dinosaur escapes...

My feelings: I was really excited to see this movie and it only came out last week in Japan so in the month between the rest of the world having access to it and actually seeing it myself. I heard a lot of bad stuff about it, like it wasn't worth watching and going to the cinema for. Well, I went anyway and I definitely don't regret. It was actually really fun. I liked the fact that they didn't dwell on the relationship between the characters too much but instead introduced new aspect of the park. That was really the cool part. The taming part was also a lot of fun and the special effect were pretty awesome. Yes, Clair never break her heals and she managed to change hair cut while looking for her nephews but I mean it doesn't really make her helpless either. It is a nice and entertaining action movie.


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