Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Ex machina

This week's movie is a science fiction movie about artificial intelligence.

The story: Caleb wins a contest to go visit the CEO of his company, Nathan's research facility complex in the middle of the mountains. When he arrives, the place is really strange with a lot of access restriction and he has to sign a confidentiality contract. Then Nathan introduce Caleb to Ava, his humanoid artificial intelligence and wants him to run a Turing test on her, that means, Caleb has to interact with Ava to determine if he can forget that she is a robot and has in fact reached consciousness. The game begins with Ava being sneaky, Caleb being mentally unbalanced and Nathan getting drunk.

My feelings: That movie was pretty easy to follow. It seemed that it wouldn't have turned quite that way if Nathan had been a friendly likeable guy but in a way he did sound like a sociopath, a drunk sociopath. The only other person is Kyoko and she is unable to speak English and he is an ass to her most of the time. I'm kind of sorry for Caleb because he really meant well and was just a pawn to be manipulated. But in the end isn't it was people are about, manipulating others to get what they really want. I guess the fundamental question is on the poster: "What happens to me if I fail your test?" first because if someone can ask that, they are already worried about the outcome which is a real human feeling and second because people are also tested all the time, not about our humanity but about knowledge and everything else and what really happens to us when we fail the tests?


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