Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 30

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. What's better than starting serious business with a good book?

The book was open in about one fourth and it seemed ancient, Yue would have liked to put his hands on it. He didn’t like book much but he liked old stuff, especially destroying it once he had gained the knowledge, but that was before his memory loss, now he had to be careful and record everything as much as he could. He was still feeling dizzy as he landed on the ground, he took one of the pills out of the bag Davon had given him and swallowed it. He had to be careful with the quantity and to make sure he wouldn’t run out but treating himself a little bit right now seemed like a pretty good idea, what was going to be said, for sure didn’t need to be forgotten. HE instantaneously feel better, he could feel something hot on the side of his head, and something moving under his skull as if his brain was coming back to its original shape. He waited.
The demons put the book on a small and high table in front of them and looked at them all, as if waiting for their attention. That wasn’t going to be something easy to get.
The third demon, the one with the thick glasses stood up slowly, his movements were measure and smooth He was a lot taller than expected. He walked few steps and stopped in front of the other who gave him a scared look before going away, it was as if he wanted to speak but couldn’t even mutter a stuttering. The demon looked at the audience as well and started his speech.
“You came here because you want powers, you want the powers within you to be awake, you want the power you deserve to be given to you, you want to become gods!” He said.
His voice was high, he seemed to be used to give that kind of speech, the demon holding the book behind him had started to tremble. The demons in front of him were acclaiming him and shouting. Yue could hear some “Give them to us” and some “Fuck you”. It was a mélange of frenzy and agreement. They wanted it but some of them weren’t ready to admit not to be able to get it by themselves. It was a normal mix for demons. Yue was starting to get bored as well. He was already a god, he had nothing to do here, he didn’t care who was to become a god and who was to die, it was none of his concern, all he wanted was information about the witch. And to go get her and make her give him back what she had taken from him and kill her, slowly and painfully.
“First you need to learn who you are and why we gathered you here today”, the demon continued.
People were starting to shout again. He walked around table to face the other demon, he wasn’t really small in average but still the other one was taller by about two heads. He smirked and grabbed him by the neck, his powerful long nailed fingers dipping in the throat until blood run down along the side, the other didn’t even have time to move. Some of the demons in the assistance were cheering. Suddenly, he burst in fire, his entire body becoming flames then ashes. The demon with the thick glasses shook his hand to get rid of the dust and turned back to them. Some of them in the first row had fallen backward, some were trying to run away but there was no use. Those three were also something different. The all masquerade in front of then was a way to say, we will give you powers, join us or die and Yue didn’t like it. He wasn’t going to join anyone, he didn’t need to, he was a god and he knew his powers, the one running didn’t know them yet, which made them highly impressionable by that kind of little trick.
Another demon in black dress with the reversed bleeding Christian cross on his chest moved forward ready to read the book. The tall demon went back to his sit and sat as up straight as ever, readjusting his glasses on his nose and crossing his hands together on his knees.

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