Friday, July 31, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 28

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Summary of the previous episodes: Viorel has been tortured by his supposed family who wanted to have him burn in the sun. Strangely enough the sun didn't burn him as expected but Viorel has no memory of who he is. Following the advices of his supposed father, he left Sighișoara and is now traveling to the West. After some skirmish in a previous city, he found refuge on a boat. Viorel is now in Vienna.  The little problem is that the guy at the inn was a bit of an asshole and helped capture Viorel thinking he was a vampire, which he is but nobody needs to know. Now there is a huge man (which I call the colossi) taking care of Viorel and a priest. They brought a girl. Torture my holy water... Fail. Viorel managed to confuse everyone, now he would like to get out of here.
Now, let's continue with Vampire Heart, right where we left of last week

“Well, I think we better get out of here as soon as possible, if they come back they might try to kill me and I was under the impression that you didn’t like to have your blood drank either.” I said. Human need talk to feel good, I knew that, it was hard to say more as I didn’t know what to say to her really and I was hoping for some sort of reaction.
She got up looking at me surprise.
“You don’t want to bite me, she said?”
Talking, talking, and more talking, that was the only thing humans seemed to understand.
“No, why should I?” I said pretending to be busy trying to move away without really managing to do so.
“Because you are a vampire”, she answered, the last word made her tremble a little, she must have met a lot of vampires who enjoyed biting her. Twenty three I would have guessed was the number and they were probably very avid for blood as she had been their last meal and only way to feel powerful in the hands of the priest.
“Is it that obvious?” The leg of my chair suddenly went out of between two rocks and I started to progress slowly to the table, resolute not to waste any minutes now. “They will never let us go”, she said.
“I don’t really intent to ask for permission, you know.” I said looking at her for the first time since she had been close to me. She had bites traces on both side of her neck and on her wrists. That made her laugh a little, she took my blade on the table.
“What makes you think that I’m not going to kill you right now?” she was starting to be more confident, which wasn’t a bad thing in itself.
“Because if we are together, we can go out of here but alone you can’t or you would have already.” I looked at her face, her eyes were fixing the sword intensely. “I tried once, they found me back, I tried to kill myself, the priest brought me back to life, there is no way that I will ever escape.” She sighted, she turned around my chair and cut the rope freeing me.
“You can go now, they won’t kill me, they need me too much.”
I took the sword from her hands and walked to the table to get the rest of my belongings.
“You’re coming with me. I’ll get you to a safe place.” I started to dig in the door wood around the locker.
“I can’t, they will get us. You’ll be safer alone, I’m too slow.”
I continued to work on the wood until the door finally opened without answering.
“Let’s go”.
She looked at me smiling but didn’t move so I took her hand. “I said, let’s go.” She didn’t have the strength or will to fight back.

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