Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: My Mad Fat Diary

This week we are also looking at a series instead of a movie, the British series "My Mad Fat Diary" in two seasons, from the Novel by Rae Earl: "My teenage Mad Fat Diary."

The Story: Rae Earl is just out of the mental hospital after four months of treatment. We follow her in her daily life and struggle with friends, family, psychologist and friend from back at the mental hospital. She is still deep into her hatred for herself, trying to get better and having some love interest.

My feelings: It started really well going through Rae's life issues. I liked the first season as it seemed real. She had her problem and was working toward fixing them. It is true that toward the end of season 1 she was already starting to act like a selfish bitch. But in season two it was totally worse. I know how it feels to be bullied and have people constantly talking behind your back. At some point you have to realize that it's not everyone and that some people just don't matter. Somehow Rae never does. She has been talking about it for 4 months and she still have weekly counseling, I mean how long is it going to take to sink in. At some point she seemed to be very complaisant in her sorry life. The second season was just too much of that. It was all about how other people in her life make her miserable and she never really took any responsibilities. The behavior of sixteen years olds thinking that adults only party and can do whatever they want was sickening. They are going to college with no thought what-so-ever toward their future. The parenting and people not knowing where there children are was also a huge turn down. It started good and could have continued well I don't know why it had to turn into just another Hollyoaks.

You can find my review of the novel here on Goodreads. The novel is way better than the drama.


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