Monday, July 13, 2015

Pullip doll : Nahh-Ato, the 1001 nights princess.

I recently got several dolls coming home, pullips, dals, pocket fairy, lil'fairy and I still have a new azone 27cm coming next week. This is really madness. Before I thought I had dolls every where but never realized it was so much of them, now that they are all on the same shelf it's like "Wow, crazy" I still want the otogi no kuni azone dolls (only 3 of them though, I'm not sure about the 4th one) which are coming out next month and I'm getting interested in the kikipop Kinoko Juice... It's madness really, I can't resist the cuteness... And it's a pokemon story too, gotta catch them all but so many of them.
Anyway today's doll is a pullip and I apologize for the delayed post. I should have prepared it in advance but I didn't and the pictures took forever uploading. The new pullip of the day is the pullip Nahh-Ato from 2006. She is very particular because of the tanned skin, she is one of the darkest pullip even if she is not that dark yet. She comes with a cushion and a magic lamp, which I didn't try stroking yet.

 I won't show you the big box picture this time because my address is on it
instead you have this in-motion doll box reveal (for the next two you can try and guess what they are, they will be reveal over the next two weeks, or you can cheat and check on the facebook page)
 So that's it, three doll box and Nahh-Ato is in the box in the middle.
 Her she is under the bubble paper.
 Prisoner in her box, can you see the magic lamp?
 Hiding behind her veil, I like the stars on it. She also has a nice hair jewel and she is wearing earrings. She is my only pullip with earrings.
 She also has very beautiful eyes and I like her black  wavy hair.
 Temporary place with Dal Icarus while I was still tiding up from my move.
 And her final place on the shelf with Rovam and Amarelis

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