Saturday, July 18, 2015

Azone doll: Trip to the Azone store (July 2015)

I already presented a trip to the Azone store here. This time I went back during the ITJ expo. Of course, there are a lot of dolls in common with the last time but also more to Sahra pinkXpink a la mode, Kikipop Kinoko juice and of course the ITJ dolls.There was also some pullip dolls from the sailor moon series. 
I would really like to have the sailor moon series dolls but that's really a lot of dolls, so far nine pullips, one Taeyang and one Dal... I'm trying to convince myself that I do not like the fabric used for their outfits. I also want the Alice in steampunk world and the rozen maiden and... and... and... maybe I'll open a museum at this rate.
Then there are the Kikipops who are really interesting and I find myself liking the old version that is out already and not the upcoming one with the longer hair. Hum, harder and harder to decide which dolls to get.

That day I also went to the Doll Show Special Summer. Another blog post will be coming about it in a few hours. I wanted to see the new Isul rabbit in steampunk world but I had no luck with that anywhere.

Once again I uploaded the facebook photo album, if you cannot see it on this page please try here

I'm adding a few picture of Amane in the new clothes I bought for her that day. Isn't she cute? I'm happy that she can keep her wolf tail with those shorts.

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