Saturday, July 4, 2015

Azone Doll: It's a girl! Nina Summer Vacation

I couldn't resist the glasses and the pig tails either. This little Nina is so cute and adorable. I ordered her before my Yuta clock rabbit but she came the next day. Nina is also part of the excute family.

The boys are waiting for me to open the box. 
 Here she is, hidden in some semi-transparent paper.
 Prisoner from the doll box!
 The cool thing is that there was a background in the box with Nina so I could take some fun pictures.
 And here with the glasses. Isn't she cute? I used to have red glasses like that when I was younger.
 Sitting in front of the sunflowers.
 Spending some times with the boys.  r
 I tried to have them fit with the background.
 See you next time!
 It's reading time!

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