Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 26

Hello and welcome to a new part of Demon Soul unedited.  Let's finish with Brownie and Sahel today and I promise you next week you'll meet with another hot demon. 

She had a basket filled up with stuff. Sahel couldn’t believe it, what was she really intending to do with all that stuff anyway, as she shouldn’t have been doing magick anymore.
“you don’t want your girl to do magick cause you are afraid that she would become more powerful than you”, the woman said as if she had read his thoughts taking Brownie’s basket from her hand. “That’s pretty pathetic for a demon, let me tell you one thing, she is already more powerful than you, if they got her, they got you too.”
“Hum I don’t really know what you are talking about”, Brownie answered.
“You shouldn’t be playing with demon little girl, they are rascal”, the woman answered. “You can trust me on this, none of them is good, that’s why they are living in such a place, see what they did to their own world”.
Sahel was clenching his jaws.
“I don’t think people are responsible for the previous generation’s mistake, you can always make things better”, she answered.
“Of course”, the woman said packing her stuff.
Brownie paid, she was feeling more comfortable than the last time she came, that woman was maybe not all that bad after all, at least if you weren’t smelling like a bunch of rotten fishes.
“Would you have a stone to prevent the loss of demon’s power? Or more something that make sure you can use them regarding circumstances?” she asked. She wasn’t really sure how to formulate it but it seemed that the woman understood perfectly. Her eyes wondered to a box of black stones placed near the counter.
“No, I have nothing like that”, she said.
Brownie took one of the stones in her hand, the effect was almost immediate. She felt as if all bad things were taken away from her. She smiled at the women.
“Then, I’ll took two of those”, she said placing the stone on the counter.
The woman looked at her in the eyes for a moment.
“But of course”, she said. She put on a glove and placed the two stones in a brown paper bag, making sure not to touch them.
Brownie paid for the stones and they went out of the store, they didn’t talk until being out of the Demon World each of them lost in their thoughts. Sahel was the first to break the silence.
“Why did you buy those stones if she said that there was nothing to help with my powers?” he asked. He was a bit upset by the woman’s comments.
“Because she was obviously lying”, she answered. “I think I got exactly what you need.” Ever since she had held that stone, she was feeling empowered.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“See for yourself”, she took the paper bag out of the bag and made one of the stones fall in his head. His facial expression instantaneously changed.
“What’s that?” he said.
He had the incredible sensation that everything bad inside of him, all those worry, all those unnecessary thoughts, all those problem were like hovered by the stone leaving him only the solution.
“I’m not sure but it seemed to take away everything bad from you, like your sickness or negative thoughts”, she placed the stone in the paper bag again being careful not to touch it.
“Why don’t you hold it, it feels so good”, Sahel said reaching for the paper bag again but Brownie, took it away firmly.
“She didn’t touch them either, there must be a reason, I would say, when you feel good, you’re not on your guard anymore, so it makes you vulnerable.”
Sahel looked at her a bit annoyed and that annoyance suddenly made him remember. He needed to find something about the hunter and he needed to verify if the stone was really working, if it could aspire the effect of the hunters attack so that the Heather power will work again.
“I need to bring one of those stone to Seti”, he said.
“Yeah I know”, Brownie said, she was looking a bit sad. She had just been awesome but he didn’t even say thanks, and all he wanted was to go see his friend. She knew Seti was hurt and that the stone could help him get better and that she shouldn’t be willing to keep Sahel her, so selfishly but she couldn’t help herself.
“He is probably with Kallisto anyway”, Sahel said passing his arm around her again. “Otherwise, I’ll go after you fall asleep and you’ll keep one of those to take care of your nightmares”
Brownie looked at him a bit amazed, was it the effect of the stone or was he really starting to see how she had been feeling all along.
“Thanks”, she said.

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