Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 23

Hello and welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. It seems that Sahel has a lot more on his mind than his aversion for Brownie doing Magick.

Brownie was looking at him puzzled wondering what was wrong with him. She was so happy to have woken up in his arms this morning that it seemed that nothing could possible alter her good mood.
“It will probably melt when you use your fire power at most anyway”, she said.
“This one doesn’t!”
He tapped on the medallion hanging around his neck and accidentally opened it.
A dark form felt of on his knee and suddenly jumped up.
“What? What are we under attack? Where are they? Where are they?” he said.
Brownie put her hand in front of her mouth not to laugh out loud.
The dark shadow looked around and realized they were in the kitchen seemed to relax. Then he turned to Sahel looking pissed.
“What do you want?” he said.
“Nothing, just…” Sahel started.
“Nothing! Nothing! How dare you wake me up so early on a Saturday morning then, if it’s nothing”, he said.
“It was an accident!” Sahel answered half amused by the offended expression on his shadow’s face.
“Accident my ass! You better don’t do it again”, he said getting back in the medallion and closing in behind him.
Brownie busted into laughter.
“Why is he staying in here anyway, he had made such a big fuse about not being held in prison, that he needed his own space and blablabla and now he is back inside. Why?” she asked.
“Well, he won’t really admitted but he said it’s not save, I think he is scared of something, since I go to the Demon World more often than I used to, he feels uneasy about not being with me but he wouldn’t explain why.” Sahel said.
“That’s kind of worrying”, Brownie said.
“It’s shadow’s stuff I suppose, maybe he is just feeling lonely being the only demon in the house, it’s not like he has a lot of people to talk to”, he said.
“Well in the Demon World either, if he stays around your neck all day”, Brownie answered.
“Yeah, maybe we should interrogate him later”, I wonder what he could be doing in there.
“Apparently sleeping, he can’t spy on your conversation anymore and he can’t get out if you don’t let him”, she answered.
“I really don’t get it anyway”, Sahel said starting again to turn his spoon in his coffee.
He was more enjoying playing with it than drinking it, he took another sugar.
“Yukk, that’s too sweet!” He said tasting it.
“You added like four or five sugars” Brownie answered.
“Yeah, I didn’t notice, I might have been distracted.”

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