Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: The Mentalist

This Tuesday cinema is not about a movie but about a series called "The Mentalist" in seven seasons.

The story: Patrick Jane is a mentalist. He uses cold reading and tricks to read people and solve cases as a consultant for the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation). He is particularly interested in the Red John case. Red John is a serial killer who torture and kills woman. During a TV interview, Patrick Jane bad mouthed REd John drawing to him Red John's revenge. Patrick came home to find his wife and daughter dead ad Red John's smiley face on the wall. In his investigation he is helped by Teresa Lisbon, the boss of their group of investigation, Kimball Cho a rather taciturn agent, Wayne Rigsby and Grace van Pelt who start of with a strong connection.

My feelings: I liked the show. The Mentalist abilities are well played at least for the first seasons then it becomes a bit repetitive, like they couldn't invent new trick for the murder or for Patrick. As long as they were working on the Red John case, there was a lot of tension. I wished there would have been more murders by Red John to feed the investigation.Red John was obviously the master mind behind a lot of things going on but it was a bit unclear how everything worked, then he didn't appear so smart in the end. I also like the part after Red John. It was a bit lighter and more into the relationship between Jane and Lisbon. It was a fun show but I would have liked to see more Mentalist trick after the first few seasons.


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