Monday, June 22, 2015

Pullip post: Diva, the cyberpunk alien

I tried to make her a bit cyberpunk but she is not yet cyberpunk enough. I'll have to work a bit more on her outfit. Probably not before next month though I have a lot of my plate at the moment. 

This is the first version of the face. I wasn't very happy with it. There were some flaws behind the right eye. So I decided to remake her. 
I erased the bottom part and restarted from there.
 I added some deep green eyelashes under the eyes and rebuilt the frame with black triangle at the corner. I also unified the skin with some more yellowish color.
I used nylon fibers to make the wig and that was the first time. It was actually a human size wig which I unsewed and resewed for pullip size. I managed to put fiber every where in the process, even after hovering the entire room, I still find some from time to time.
And here is the result. I'm thinking about making her a black jacket and add some antennas and maybe more stars.
 The hair are sewn in spiral on the invisible side and then passed through a hole which was maybe a little too much so she ended up with a piggy tail on the top of her head. It's also sewn on spiral on the visible and crossed in the front.
I used black lace and black and green fabric to make the outfit. Her hair is attached with black fabric too.
 I put wool on the collar and around the top of the arms and knitted one green sleeve.
And here are all my MIO girls. They are all very different.

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