Monday, June 1, 2015

Pullip doll: Kase's ninja training in the wood

Hello and welcome to a new photo seance for dolls. This time we have a boy doll as the subject. My taeyang Arashi named Kase. He was my first Taeyang and I only had indoor pictures of him until know. I didn't change anything about him but I gave him a shampoo. I didn't like the fact that his hair was all glued. I think he looks a lot better know with this hair in the wind. 
I took him to the wood for a ninja training. I'll have more ninja pictures later with the girls.

Here is Kase, isn't he gorgeous, really! 
 Stretching time, or relaxing on the rocks you decide don't forget we are here for a ninja training after all.
 Now stand up for practice
 Can't resist those eyes!
 In the middle of the rocks
 Resting on the tree trunk
 I think that's my favorite pics, I managed to catch both eyes, no more hiding behind the hair.
 Leaning on the fence without a fence type of thingy... fence foot?
 Wow! One eye is hiding again!
 Near the honeysuckle
 One the stairway to... heaven?
 Hiding in the bushes
 And to finish nothing better than a little bit of meditation!

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