Saturday, June 6, 2015

Azone doll: Amane from The Fate of Blaze

Sometime, you just need a reality check. I wanted the Amane, the first time I saw them in picture on the facebook Azone page. Then, I wanted them even more when I saw them in store before their release. The thing is. I didn't realize they were the big one 50 cm before seeing them in store. And I really thought, it's a big one, no way I could ever get her. I guess at some point I need to realize that I'm the new me and not the old me and that the way I was raised doesn't really apply any more to my new reality. So I went to the azone store you saw two weeks ago and didn't buy any dolls even though the Amanes were there. And I went home and I went to the bank and had my reality check and worked on myself and a few days later, I went to get my doll, which I'm very happy about.

Everything is perfect about Amane, she is tall and has a nice range of motion, she has high quality hair and clothes and a wolf tail and wolf ears. And she also as awesome pink eyes. I really like her, I can't stop looking at her. When I went to the doll show and saw all the big doll, I was telling myself, "Nah, I like my Amane better." And yeah, I sound totally narcissistic, no apology.The version I have is the dark blue version, that can only by bought at the azone store. There is another red version which is not limited and can be bought online too. 

In front of the doll store after buying the doll, she is in the bag.
 The box. It's pretty big already.
 The usual plastic bubble wrap.
The thing I didn't know is that the doll came undressed and that I had to put all her clothes on. There even is a little book to explain how to put the clothes on. It wasn't overly complicated and it was a lot of fun. She has panties and socks, a swords that won't appear in the next pictures.
 Portrait of Amane all dressed up. I love those ears. I think one of the main reasons why I wanted this doll is that she is a warrior and she has wolf features. Her scarf is wired so I can make it fly as if there was wind which is pretty cool. Same with her cloak.
 Portrait. I like her large eyes. I think pink is a pretty good color as she can be equally a sweet girl or a more vampire type.
 Lipu can sit on her arm which is pretty nice. You can already see the size difference. Amane is 50 cm which makes her my larger doll. I don't think I'll get bigger, it was already quite a jump, but who knows what the future holds.
 Standing with Lipu on her arm. Her top has nice sleeves and she is wearing the painted glove version of her hand. She came with three pair of hands, two with black gloves and one without.
 Full size picture with Aoto standing next to her, he looks so ridiculously small.
 One more, Aoto still not looking too good there.
 I think as a group they do better in a sitting position. Too many books around though.
 Close up portrait of my little Azone family.

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