Saturday, June 27, 2015

Amigurumi: More ninja turtles!

I already introduced Leonardo some times ago and also used my turtles as models for the 365 photo challenge which is a bit dead at the moment because I have way too many other things to think about. I'll be back at it in July though, please be patient with me. I made those three new turtles few weeks back. I wanted to have the complete set. I get a sort of satisfaction with complete things like a doll set or finishing things. The entire "it's done!" factor. It's like my drug. 
Anyway I made the turtles and somehow they are all a bit different. First because somehow I got the legs a bit shorter or longer, I didn't do it on purpose though (maybe some concentration fail) also because I didn't have brown wool for everyone so I ended up using black wool which was sort of cool in the end. I mean the turtles can't all be the same anyway or it's not fun. Here are some pictures. 

First Rafaello.
 My two first turtles.
 Then second, Donatello.
 And that makes three of them.
 On the way for a new turtle.
 And finally Michelangelo.
 The group of turtle finally completed.
Patterns available in Italian from the facebook Amigurumi doll comiunity group.

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