Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 21

Hello and welcome a new part of Demon World unedited. We continue where we left of last week with a conversation between Brownie and Sahel about her dream. They seem to disagree a lot usually but today for some reasons they are ok.

“He won’t come back again, those demons are too scared now, they won’t do the same mistake again, you were extremely courageous and you won, twice, they gave up, demons are not all that brave and he is dead, remember, even if there was someone to come again, it would be one of his followers, it wouldn’t be him,” he said stroking her hair. 
“Maybe you’re right”, Brownie said, but she was still unconvinced. 
She wasn’t sure what death meant anymore. She had seen so much, she had seen herself dying, she had seen it many time and felt it in many lives, she had seen Yue and Sahel being deprived of their soul and still stand, she knew vampires who were dead but still talking to you and moving and laughing as if they were alive, she didn’t know what death meant anymore. Was it possible that after dead you were just going somewhere else from where you could come back under certain conditions, what if that demon, the master, had managed to do it, to still be alive?
“It scares me, I can’t help it”, she added a bit defensively.
“I know, when I’m scared I can’t control it either”, Sahel said.
“Are you scared sometimes?” Brownie asked.
That was new. Sahel was never scared or at least he was never admitting it.
“You remember when I was little, I was scared all the time and once, when they said I had to sleep in a different room I made a big huge mess and hurt Dylan, you remember?” he answered.
“Yes, I remember.” She said. 
She remembered really well, it was from that time that she still wanted to protect him all the time, from the time when he had only her to make him feel safe and she had to be strong. But apparently a woman couldn’t be that strong for too long. She had enough and now after pretending that everything was alright, she was breaking down. She started to sob like crazy. He kisses her forehead and held her tighter.
“I’m here, I’ll protect you forever, nothing bad will happen to you, I promise,” he said.
She clung at him like she hadn’t done for a long time. She was feeling good, sweeping in his arms. It was a strange sensation of love and relieved. For the moment, she didn’t need to be strong anymore. She could relax and rely on him, at least for tonight. She suddenly felt the urge to share with him.
“I want to charge my stone, it has been dead for a long time and I would feel better if it was working properly again, would you go with me to the Magick shop in your world tomorrow morning”, she asked.
“Of course,” he answered.
She closed her eyes and clung at him a bit more. It was so easy suddenly, just as it used to be. She just needed to ask. She didn’t notice herself falling asleep in his arms.

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