Monday, May 18, 2015

Pullip doll: Theora and the yellow flowers.

This one was a short photo session because the rain caught us. The first time I took Theora with my I couldn't get anything done because of the rain and the second time it had to be cut short. The other thing is that I had a lot of trouble to get the picture I had in my head out on the camera screen. Maybe I'll try a different approach when I figure one out. 

My first problem was that the first bunch of flower was turned in the wrong direction, which sort of make this a bit funny looking. The other things is it's at the university so there are people and cars and buildings.
 I found another location so it's already looking a bit better.
 Looking at the sky.
 You see all the flowers are put in a very long row so Theory can also try to pass as one o them.
 hiding in the honeysuckle which is one of my favorite plan, just because. 
I think Theora need a more spring like outfit. I mean her autumn outfit looks good but it was better fitting in an autumn decor.
 Portrait. I notice that the color of her eyes is fading a bit.
 Resting on the rock.
 Resting on the rock two. Or is she trying to hide under the honeysuckle?
 Another portrait. I really like her freckle and her hair. I made her wig from wool and like I did for two of my other dolls and it doesn't suit the taste of everybody but I think that's one of the thing that makes her unique.
 This tree but have been pretty big before being cut.
 Another portrait.

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