Monday, May 25, 2015

Pullip Doll: A Namu customized

I believe this Namu to have originally been a Kung-fu Fei Namu seeing that he came with the Kung-fu Fei outfit. Now, however, he is a totally different doll. He has craved lips which gives him a totally different look than most Namu and gorgeous acrylic, realistic green eyes. I bought it from the second hand store for really cheap. The only thing wrong with him is a yellow stain on his nose which I'm trying to get rid of (the stain, not the nose.)

He came in a box and then inside instead of the usual original doll box, there was a bag.
In the back was the doll. Nicely protected with bubble plastic wrapper.
And once the bubble wrapper was gone, here you can see my new Namu. I really believed that I would only ever be able to get one Namu but this is the third one. As I like Namu a bit more than Taeyang, I'm pretty happy about this, even if it's still bad that they don't make more of him.
Here you can see better the yellow spots I was talking about. They are really light but visible enough for my boyfriend to notice them which prompted me to do something about it.

This little guy also needs a new wig. I need to find something similar to his braid which is attached to the hat.
He is friend with my pink Polish duck!

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